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1. Anopoli Loutro. This route is very scenic and beautiful, the created path joining Anopoli with Loutro. Although very visible, is marked with a white square and a yellow dot in the middle. Starting at Square Anopoli, rises the church of St. Catherine with stunning views and descends a slope of 600 meters as the bath. It's worth a short detour to the ruins of ancient Anopoli located on the hill west of St. Catherine. The view is breathtaking! The journey to Bath, it takes about 1.30 hours. From the bath, you can go by boat in the country, with hiking about 2 hours, passing by the beautiful beach of Sweet Water.
2. Ammoutsera-Rousia-shelter-Svourichti Pachnes. This route has many variations. Starting from the mountain bodied road leaving Anopoli initially found the oldest cypress forest (according to the Natural History Museum), then passed through the mountainous desert Ammoutsera in 1800. altitude and finally arrive in Rousia after 23km route If we want to hike up Roussos, the path from the old path takes 5 hours. From there, we can go to the shelter Svourichti hiking two hours, or head to the highest peak of the White Mountains Pachnes with an altitude of 2,454 m ascent and 1.30 hours.
3. Livaniana-Wolf-phoenix-Loutro-Anopoli. Following the road to Aradena at 3 km. And before the bridge Aradaina, follow the left fork Livaniana for which there is an old path. The route of 10km. lasts 2 hours. From there the road continues to the coast of lupus and then the Phoenix, with 3.5 km route Route and 0.45 minutes. From there we continue to Loutro with our time track. If you return to Anopoli will ascend the created path, running 2 more hours.
4. Holy Cross berries. North along the mountain road to the White Mountains, approximately 10 km. will find a fork sign for the Byzantine frescoed chapel of the Holy Cross. From here starts a path to 4 hours for the abandoned village of Mouri 58 years, at an altitude of 1018m.