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The Vouvas is the capital of the arrondissement Asfendou which consists of the villages Asfendou, Agios Nektarios Nomikiana and mute is built at an altitude of 190 m and is located about 2 km from the sea. The tradition says that Vouvianoi moved from position "of Damanou accommodation" because of the Saracens. Bell traveled Sfakia year 1549 and writes that he saw at the festival of Agia Paraskevi dancing Sfakians wearing shoulder bow and loaded his quiver with arrows. The festival continues to this day on 26 July. Another festival is established, that of Ai Sifi a new small church located south of the village on the way to the beach Koutelos on July 31. Was and is a village in which there were two factories with millstones. The village and the valley stretching south and east is teeming with where olive trees (olive). In SILENT is 6 classes primary school and kindergarten. Also there is the municipal gym, and mill. The inhabitants are engaged in farming, olive growing beekeeping and fishing. In the village you can find a bakery, creamery, mini markets, and apartments and rooms to descend to the beach Koutelos. The caves in that area, nesting and breeding seals monachus-monachus. That's why this post is called "seal".