tik tok


The village is located at 6 km. east of Fragokastello, 2 kilometers from the sea. The 1577 refers to the province of St. Basil Rethymno. In the census of 1881 reported in the municipality of Sfakia prefecture Kallikratis.

The inhabitants are engaged in farming, olive growing and tourism. The village is surrounded by old olive groves. North of the village, is the exit of the gorge of the sleeve. The gorge is of particular interest because of steep slopes nestles the largest number of griffins (barbatus-barbatus) in Crete and Europe. In the gorge there observation deck where you can enjoy the flights and the special moments of large predators, and learn more about the species. The vulture is the main species, based on which the region of Sfakia joined in European forests 'Natura 2000' in 2001. The ascent or descent of the canyon, you will compensate with more magical moments from kananu (as we call them eagles Sfakia) into the wild beauty of the gorge.

The sleeves are a little plateau at the entrance of the homonymous gorge at an altitude of 720m., Which formerly went by the summer residents Skaloti. There is a new stone church of St. SFAKIANOU Emmanuel and worth go to the fair on August 21. West and just before the village begins the road to the sleeves. In Skaloti owned and the coastal settlement pits with beautiful beaches.

To get there you turn right coming from Fragokastello after intersection Kapsodasos. The route is very scenic and idyllic, passing through olive groves and areas with carob. The pits will find rooms and beautiful restaurants. In crossing to pit, if you continue east you will reach the eastern edge of the municipality of Sfakia on the also beautiful beaches of Agia Marina and meadows. There there is a taverna. Also in Greater Skaloti there with Byzantine frescoes church of Prophet Elias (festival July 20) and St. Marina (festival July 17).