tik tok


The village lies at an altitude of 250m from the sea, northwest of Palm Bay is 10 km from Anopoli. Access is from the road Anopoli-Aradaina left at the intersection before the bridge Aradaina. The village is almost hanging in the southern outskirts of the White Mountains. Suffered the same fate during the revolution of 1770 and Daskalogianni destroyed. The residents participated in the revolution of 1821 with several losses, as shown by the censuses of 1821 and 1828, when there were 170 and 107 people respectively. From Livaniana origin had the captain of the 1821 Manousos Vardoulakis or Vardoulomanousos. There are two adjacent Panohori and Katochori. The village was abandoned, but recently renovated some homes. Continuing south of the village you will reach the shores Wolf and Phoenix.