tik tok


The village is located east of Sfakia on the way Fragokastello, next to the gorge of Imbros. It is situated at an altitude of 200m. to the side of the Libyan Sea and is surrounded by olive groves. The name comes from 'komistades' ie traders who lived here. The village is only found in the census of 1577 Barozzi. In the village there is the church of St. George, which, according to legend, saved the inhabitants from Crusader invasion of the Saracens in the 14th century. The church has frescoes of painter John Frozen, dating from 1314. Are also preserved Venetian ruins. At the same time meet and trace Roman remains, which means that the settlement may be occupied by then. At the exit of the village is the church of St. Paul, built inside one of the caves in the gorge of Imbros. Southwest of the village is the historic Monastery of Thymiani, which was founded in 1500. It was the site where the 'senate' Sphakia take its decisions, and the point where the revolution was declared on May 29, 1821, where every year celebrated the anniversary. The inhabitants are engaged in farming, olive growing and tourism. Here you will find rooms and taverns. The view to the olive groves and the Libyan sea is wonderful!