tik tok


The beautiful traditional village, located north of the village of St. Nektarios in height 245m. and its inhabitants from the artichokes. The 1970s on dictatorship, the settlement after he moved to St. Nectarios position because of inaccessibility of the area. The village name is derived from artichoke plant whose root resembling potato. The plant is very famous and popular in Cyprus. Crete is unknown and not used in cooking, but the name of the village, witness that the residents knew and perhaps earlier if there were native to or cultivated. The village has a panoramic view of the valley of St. Nektarios and Frangokasteilo and provided protection from pirates and conquerors. The access is from a street that starts from St. Nectarios. Also it was important base of rebels. From here viewed Entrenched dramatic battle Frangokasteilo Sfakians chieftains and rebels, who until the last moment tried in vain to dissuade him Hatzimichalis Ntaliani, not to give battle in the plain. The village lies hidden within old olive groves. Here was no school that still survives today, and two factories, which attest its former glory. Recently some homes have been renovated. The view from the village is breathtaking.