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Imbros village

Located in the foothills of the Lefka Oroi at an altitude of 780 meters in the homonymous plateau, and the road from Askyfou to Sfakia, Imbros village is a small mountain village of Sfakia with rich history, it still retains its picturesque character. Its name came from refugees who arrived here in 1479 from the island of Imbros, which owes its name to prehellenic Imvrassia (or Imvramo) god who symbolized the fertility of barren land. It consists of the districts Forest, Lepidiana, Nio village and relaxed. Birthplace of many fighters, repeatedly destroyed the years 1770, 1821, 1824 and 1827. The village stood to defend the captains, and Manoussakas Voloudis in 1770 and gave one of the most devastating battles of the revolution Daskalogianni. Value field and debt fell 300 militants while the enemies lost 800 warriors. The inhabitants engaged in farming and tourism. The Imbros is the birthplace of the great benefactor of Sfakia George XENOUDAKI, whose bust is in the area of the old school who now works as ADS. The same building is to be converted by the municipality museum in his honor. From here starts the title very well known and very beautiful canyon, which after about a half hour hike ends at the Libyan Sea in the village Komitades.