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The village lies at an altitude of 120m. foothills of the White Mountains at the eastern entrance of Sfakia and southeast of Chania, on the border with the county of Rethymno. During the Venetian occupation refers to the province St. Basil Rethymnon in 1577 by Barozzi. In reporting Sfakian to Venetian authorities in 1594, the settlement referred statue. The inhabitants are engaged in farming and olive. Main feasts of the Virgin Mary on August 15 and St. Peter's on 16 January.

Here is the output of Argoulianou gorge. The village's amphitheater overlooking the Libyan Sea and surrounded by old olive groves. East of the village are the ruins of magnificent Venetian watermill. From Argoules until Skaloti starts the band observation Bearded Vulture barbatus-barbatus. The tour of the region of the village will take you on a journey through space and time with its wild beauty and serenity offered. Here you will find a traditional taverna and cafe