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Agios Ioannis

1. Agios Ioannis - Kormokopos. Signposted with white square and blue circle in the middle. Is smooth and crosses the beautiful forest of old pine and cypress trees west of the village and ends almost suddenly in a wild landscape and imposing. Arrived in place Kormokopos will find the open cave with water. Requires hiking about 2 hours.
2. Agios Ioannis - Agios Pavlos - Ag Roumeli. Prominent, downhill, indicated by square in black and red. Starting from the village passed from good resources, point with stunning views and descends to the old culvert wonderful path through the trees to the beach of Saint Paul. From there, the trail continues west on foot for about an hour to the village of Agia Roumeli.
3. Ai-Yiannis Kroussia. The route begins north of the village, through mountain road, passing through the beautiful forest. After 6km., And course 2 hours ascent we reach the historic district in the Turkish period, Kroussia. There is an old mitato and water source. For the more discerning, from here starts another path to the northwest, where after two hours ascent ends at the top Zaranokefala, at 2,140 m altitude.
4. Agios Ioannis - Livaniana. A very old trail connects Livaniana with Agios Ioannis. Originally crosses a small but interesting canyon, crosses the gorge Aradaina and continues across to Azogyras, where old settlement next to the ruins, preserved an ancient olive grove. The trip lasts two and a half hours.


1. Anopoli Loutro. This route is very scenic and beautiful, the created path joining Anopoli with Loutro. Although very visible, is marked with a white square and a yellow dot in the middle. Starting at Square Anopoli, rises the church of St. Catherine with stunning views and descends a slope of 600 meters as the bath. It's worth a short detour to the ruins of ancient Anopoli located on the hill west of St. Catherine. The view is breathtaking! The journey to Bath, it takes about 1.30 hours. From the bath, you can go by boat in the country, with hiking about 2 hours, passing by the beautiful beach of Sweet Water.
2. Ammoutsera-Rousia-shelter-Svourichti Pachnes. This route has many variations. Starting from the mountain bodied road leaving Anopoli initially found the oldest cypress forest (according to the Natural History Museum), then passed through the mountainous desert Ammoutsera in 1800. altitude and finally arrive in Rousia after 23km route If we want to hike up Roussos, the path from the old path takes 5 hours. From there, we can go to the shelter Svourichti hiking two hours, or head to the highest peak of the White Mountains Pachnes with an altitude of 2,454 m ascent and 1.30 hours.
3. Livaniana-Wolf-phoenix-Loutro-Anopoli. Following the road to Aradena at 3 km. And before the bridge Aradaina, follow the left fork Livaniana for which there is an old path. The route of 10km. lasts 2 hours. From there the road continues to the coast of lupus and then the Phoenix, with 3.5 km route Route and 0.45 minutes. From there we continue to Loutro with our time track. If you return to Anopoli will ascend the created path, running 2 more hours.
4. Holy Cross berries. North along the mountain road to the White Mountains, approximately 10 km. will find a fork sign for the Byzantine frescoed chapel of the Holy Cross. From here starts a path to 4 hours for the abandoned village of Mouri 58 years, at an altitude of 1018m.


1. Goni Askyfou - Asfendou. The route is signposted with a white square and Green Point. The trail is visible, peaks on the plateau Vineyards and after 3.30 hours to arrive Asfendou. The view is breathtaking! If you want to continue to Asfendiotiko canyon and after 3 hours results in Agios Nektarios.

2. Shelter Tavris - Kali Lakki - Sfakiano gorge - Sfakia. The route is signposted with blue and white square in the middle. The total duration is 6 hours and is smooth. It can be done in parts. Starting from Ammoudari and 1.30 hours we arrive at the shelter bulls in 1200. altitude. Thence 0.20 'until the plateau Niatos 1400. Thence south through Trikoukis, follow downhill to the ruined village Kali Lakki. Here there are huge oaks and drinking water. From there we continue downhill to the bottom of the gorge and smooth ride in potamochaliko, we reach the exit after 2.30 hours. At 2km until Sfakia. Also from Kali Excavation pits leaving Bodywork road reaches Ibro after 2 hours.

3. Vegetables - St. George. We start from the Quarter in south corner and follow the mountain road. After a while, we get the right ramifications which lifts us up until the vegetables in location 900. Altitude. The museum MITA and the newly built church of St. George's Methystis. The view from the peak to the plateau Askyfou and the White Mountains, is breathtaking.

4. Pyrovoliki-drop. Approximately 1.5 km before Askyfou starts on the left a road. At 3.3 km, we arrive in the small wooded plateau Pyrovoliki at 900. Altitude. There exists mitato operating today. Continue for 1.5 miles, we reach the plateau drips at 920m. altitude. The trip takes 1.20 hours. Continuing from there until the end of the road (a total of 7.2 miles), we arrive at mitato Asfentilide at an altitude of 1230m. The total hike takes 2.30 hours.

5. Vandy-Linen-dancer. After the Vendée at 500. left, we encounter another fork mountain road. Starting encounter mitata Bailakakidon and then mitato Mafrochi. At 3 km. Continue transit at mitata Dancer, Morrow, bright Lakos and 6.5 km, we arrive at the current end of the road in 1300. altitude, where there are old mitata. The hike up here lasts 2.30 hours, while another hour it takes to ascend to the top dancer Tripali, whence the Asigoniotikes Madares.

6. Kulu-Skogio. This is a short and easy hikes for those who want a wonderful walk rather long distances. We start from the main street in Xylodema, they face south and down Askyfou. We follow the obvious path on the left, which leads us to the two Turkish castles (coolies) were built after the revolution of 1866, where the view is wonderful! From there another path leads us lower, where we find the roadwork road to corner. Continuing right, climb the small hill Skogio has great view. Back on the road and choose to go or by frame or To Ammoudari.

Chora Sfakion

1. Chora -Mouri. The road that goes to Anopoli and 500. right, we find a rough road building, intended to reach the berries. Following the road to the end and then the trail climbs to the berries. On the way we will find the settlement Kabros and finally the berries. The journey takes 3 hours.
Smaller milder routes. a) Chora - beach Ilingas. Duration 0.20 'b) Chora - canyon Papa Lagos. Crossing the homonymous gorge starts from the gas station north of the village. Duration 2 hours return. c) Chora - Sfakiano canyon. East of the country at 2 km is the exit of the gorge. Course need four hours to climb and return. d) Chora - Thymianos - Komitades. From the main road, we reach the intersection Fragokastello. Right go down the Chora road to Thymianos Virgin and the cave of St. Anthony. We continue to comets and the Byzantine chapel of St. George. Back to the Chora.  The total length of the route and back is 3 hours. e) Smaller very beautiful tours, may constitute 46 of the 100 churches that existed in the surrounding area, enjoying the view from different corners of the Chora !


1. Castro Kapsodasos Patsianos. A beautiful route, starting rural road north of the castle along the stream, turn left at the second bridge. Then, crossing the plain where olive trees, the road to the end and left, climbs north in a very scenic route through old olive trees and large oak trees, which is enclosed by old stone walls. Ftanontas the paved road, you can either head left to Patsianos and then to Fragokastello, or right to Kapsodasos and then to Fragokastello, walking around the regional plain enjoying the view.
2. Kapsodasos - Kallikratis - Asfendou - St. Nektarios - Fragokastello. Starting north of Kapsodasos on the way Kallikratis the first left turn, starts the path of the gorge Kalikratis. After three hours we reach the homonymous plateau. We continue west road for Asfendou and 1.20 hours we reach the village. Then we go down south in the gorge, where after three hours we reach the village of St. Nektarios. From there the main road until Fragokastello, about 1.30 hours.
Small walk. East and west of the castle extend coastal trails that are very beautiful afternoon and not only walks. East starting from the castle, you will see the ruined castle-monastery of Agios Charalambos. Then you will see the 'Proper Sand' and the left end of the beach, you can exit to the main road and back, enjoying the sunset! Duration approximately one hour. West you can start from the beach west of the small port and continue with small detours around the coast until the latter's Vatalos and then back from the main road. Duration approximately 1.30 hours. Also all internal roads of the plain edge is very picturesque courses will introduce you to the rural lifestyle.


1. Grindstone - turtlenecks. On the road from Asfendou to Ibro, before the village there is a junction left for the villages and Asfandou Kallikratis. Following the road after 4km., You encounter left bifurcation after 1km., Reaches the top grindstone, where transmission facilities telephony to Africa. The view to the north and south coast of the island is wonderful. The hike up here takes 2 hours. Just beyond the junction of the main road whetstone-Asfendou starts a dirt road to the right, which leads to the finest and most interesting mitato Sfakia, in turn, with splendid Kumiko.

2. Kallis pit. Beside the church of St. Constantine / mind starts to Ibro good mountain road, which after 10km. path reaches the ruined village Kali Lakki. The old village is written with the towering oaks. The hike takes 2.30 hours. Continuing you can descend the canyon Sfakiano, 2.30 hours walking route.


1. Vourvouri. A beautiful walking route is one that follows the north of the village from the road to Asi Gonia and Miriokefala. Dianyontas a distance of 3.5 km reach the mountainous region Vourvouri, where we have a panoramic view from Asi corner until Miriokefala and in the background the north coast of the island. Continuing other 0.20 'will get at Koumara to the picturesque church of St. John.
2. Kallikratis-Plateau sleeves. The same road at the intersection of Summit, follow the right mountain road. After walking for two hours we reach the picturesque plateau sleeves. Therein lies the newly built stone church of St. SFAKIANOU Manolis. If you do not want to turn Kallikratis south of the plateau is the beautiful Skalotiano canyon. Surely here you will see the great eagles barbatus, after the canyon nestles the largest number of people in Europe. The crossing takes 1.15 hours and ends in the village Skaloti.
3. Kallikratis-Asfendou. Leaving the main road west, in a way that the landscapes alternate, we arrive at 1.30 hours in the village Asfendou. If you do not want to return, you can cross the gorge and found 3.30 hours in the village of St. Nektarios.
4. Kallikratis-Kapsodasos. Starting south of the village and cross the beautiful gorge, a trip of three hours to get to Kapsodasos, looking plain Frangokasteilo and the deep blue of the Mediterranean.