tik tok


Flourished in Sfakia Cretan dances and songs and serenades rizitika. It is a land rich in tradition and history. Faithful to the manners and customs in many Sfakians dressed today with traditional costumes, boots, breeches and kerchief.

One of the known local dishes is the famous Sfakian honey pie made with local cheese. Special place in Sfakian kitchen are also the tsigariasto lamb, pilaf, convergent, stamnagathi and local nuts and all dairy products and high quality local meats.

A special custom yet Sfakia, which is a sign of solidarity of Sfakia, is the shearing of sheep. The shearing is a custom in which all the inhabitants of a village to help mowing the wool of sheep. The owner of the herd to thank them organized after mowing feast.

In early July the village Kallikratis recent years organized and have become an annual tradition the "Kallikrateia." This is a series of events by putting feast SFAKIANOU pie, and surrounded by cycling races, shooting competitions, etc. Together a large number of visitors every year.

Another special celebration is the Feast Graviera Anopoli, a festival that will introduce you to the Cretan feast. The aim of the festival is to promote and prothisi traditional gruyere and other local products. If you find yourself in Sfakia namely Frangokastelo in mid-September you will also have the opportunity to attend the feast of St. Nikita and watch sporting events, horse races and shooting matches, with the participation of schoolchildren and residents. An ancient custom that is maintained until today.