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Plants found in canyons and cliffs

The many canyons of Sfakia, in turn, accommodate particular flora. Important species include the shrub Euphorbia sultan-hassei that blooms in early spring and Helichrysum heldreichii species that are endemic of western Crete, has yellow flowers and blooms in May and the Cretan 'Empenos (Ebenus cretica), endemic plant of Crete, with silverleaf foliage and pink flowers. Other species that grow in the canyons is Petrofyllia (Petromarula pinnata), several species of wild Garyfallos (Dianthus spp.), The narrow endemic Verbascum arcturus and Petrorhagia dianthoides and more. The species Centaurea poculatoris this is endemic of Crete, is included in the Red Data Book of Rare and Threatened Plants of Greece and spring blooms.