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Gypaetus barbatus

One of the rarest raptors hosting our country is the vulture, a bird of mountain ecosystems. Its scientific name is Gypaetus barbatus. Here Sfakia call him 'kananu' or 'Bone-eater'. The length reaches 1m. and wingspan can reach from 2.50 to 2.80 m The vulture weighs about 5-7 pounds. They are scavengers and is the only creature that feeds almost exclusively (70-90%) with bone. Throws from a high rocky cliffs, following them from behind with a spiral descent, a process which is repeated until finally break bones. Then eat the pieces starting from the medulla. Smaller bones swallows whole and stomach with powerful gastric juices (ph 1), can digest easily. The number has a fall due to the abandonment of pastoralism, since it means decreased and the corpses of sheep and goats were fed kind, which is why efforts are being made to reverse the situation. On the occasion of its existence, but mainly due to the breeding of 'kananu', the region of Sfakia and especially the band Asfendou-Kallikratis-sleeve joined to European forests NATURE'' 2000'' in 2001, along with many other species of animals and plants . In Skalotiano canyon or sleeves, nestles the largest number of couples across Europe. At the exit of the gorge north of the village Skaloti, you will be able to enjoy them, the observatory created there, working our municipality with the museum of natural history and ornithology section of the TUC. In the north side near the road for the sleeve, is installed and trough on increasing food of birds. Another point from where you can enjoy flights of large birds is the Aradainiotiko canyon and if you're lucky, you might see them make flights even under the bridge!