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Skordalakkia (cavernous pit)

In this cave of Sfakia is the oldest traces of habitation of Crete, namely to 'Skordolakia' mountain village of Asfendou. The cave is located on a steep slope near the road from Asfendou to Kallikratis. Basically consists of one room, which was previously larger. This small cave has immense archaeological importance as 1960 engraved Paleolithic cave paintings were discovered on the floor near the entrance on a sinter plate. It seems certain from the theme and how to etch that rock paintings included in prehistoric times, and more particularly belong to the Neolithic and architecture dating from about 7500 to 8500 years, making them the oldest trace of habitation on the island. There are figurative carvings, depicting deer or antelope, Bow and arrow, spear, spear, ship and twig. There are also abstract carvings, linear and tectonic, and others made from small engraved dots.

These rock paintings showing the existence hunters in Sfakia mountains, who were either older than the Neolithic, or survived in Neolithic times, isolated, continuing a tradition thousands of years