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The 'Faraggas' as we call the Samaria Gorge is the biggest, most impressive and most beautiful gorge in Europe, which since 1962 has been designated a national park since 2001 and is part of the European network Natura 2000. The length reaches 15 km., Width starts at 3.5 and reaches 150m. While the height reaches 500 meters. Striking feature of the gorge are the folds that form rocks. The flora and fauna is extremely rich and consist of unique plant and animal species protected by international agreements with leading the famous Cretan wild goat or goat or Kri-Kri, as well as eagles and other rare species of wild birds. The scenery is wonderful and peculiar geological formations. The hike starts from Xyloskalo (altitude 1.250 m.) In Plateau smoothly. The path after downhill course follows a riverbed along a beautiful forest with tall trees and great views. Halfway through the gorge is the village "Samaria", which was abandoned in 1962 after the declaration of the Gorge in the National Forest. There is the Byzantine church of the 14th century "Blessed Mary of Egypt" which gave its name to the village and the gorge after the "Samaria" is a contraction of "Blessed Mary" Co'' Maria'','' Samaria ''. One of the nicest parts of the route are the "Doors", where the two sides of the gorge are only 3.5 meters and a height of 500 meters. The journey takes 4-6 hours, depending on the pace. Is open from May to October. In winter, the river water makes it dangerous and impassable.