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Aradin or Iradin

The ruins of ancient Aradin, saved to 'Passopetra', near the present village Aradena which preserves the name. It was after referring autonomous city between 30 Cretan cities that signed the treaty of alliance with Eumenes B Pergamon in 183 BC In Aradin had the same constitution with Ancient Sparta, creating confusion about anymore borrowed. The 'Herds', ie groups of young people of the ancient constitution, resolutions of the state laws, righteous deeds and exploits of eminent men of the learned singing in order to memorize. Continuation of these ancient chants, is undoubtedly the later Sfakian songs. The ancient necropolis in place 'Xenotafi'. Port Aradin was the Phoenix. Believes founded by Phoenician colonists and the name associated with Phoenician word Aruad, which means shelter and namesake town was in Phoenicia. The Aradena until the last centuries of Venetian and Ottoman first prospered because its inhabitants were engaged in shipping and trade.