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The ruins of ancient Anopoli, located on the hill of Agia Aikaterini, to the west and southwest of the current namesake village. From this position, ensure full supervision of large areas of land, and the Libyan Sea. Its port, ensure maritime communication between East and West, as a stopover. Anopoli was an independent city and had its own currency. Sources say that the 3rd century. B.C. occupied by neighboring Aradin and released from the Charmada, citizen Anopolis. In this period dating perhaps the first phase of its walls. The 230 to 210 BC identifies a list of cities that sent it to Delphi.
The Anopolis with Aradena and Pikilassos, are among the cities that have signed the treaty of alliance of 30 Cretan cities with Eumenes II of Pergamon in 183 BC The settlement survived Root Pelasgian walls that Pashley observed in the length of 300 steps, 6-step thickness and height 5-11 feet. Anopoli was famous in Hellenistic times and it flourished in the Roman and Byzantine periods. The water supply was from tanks whose preserved remains. The site covers a fairly large area, surrounded by strong walls and foundations includes many homes, a large cistern and perhaps the foundations of a large temple. Several walls are preserved to a height of 1-3 meters, most built from adouleftes stones and some of cornerstones. The visible architectural remains arrive in the south to the church of St. Catherine, where preserved and part of the Turkish cool.
In the wider region have identified two ways of living in neighborhoods and individual farmsteads. Also been revealed by excavations, cist tombs of the Roman period (the cemetery of the ancient city located between the settlements of Lake and Pavliana). The 1988 fieldwork at an altitude of 600 and 800 m, were discovered a few positions Ysteroneolithikis / Early Minoan period.