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Bungee jumping (Jumping elastic rope)

Feel the adrenaline soaring, dunking in the gap of the bridge Aradaina in the gorge. It is the longest bridge in Greece with a height of 138m. and the second in Europe. The center bridge provides all the necessary equipment, and all the necessary safety standards. Also given certificates and dvd jumping with photos and video of your jumps, etc. The jumps are every Saturday and Sunday in June, July and August. For groups can be arranged any day for jumping, upon request.


Discover the wonderful marine world of Sfakia, dive center operating in Sfakia. The stand of the center is deep in the harbor. The center provides all the necessary equipment for an enjoyable trip to the magical depths of our region. You do not need previous experience and there are programs for all ages. Tel: +302825091333


For those interested in marine walks, bath an organized center. Trails are guided over one or more days on the beaches' Sweet Waters', 'Marble', 'St. Paul ',' Sougia 'and' Paleochora '. Also rented boats in kind experience. Tel: +302825091017, and 306937940511

Paragliding & Hang Gliding

Enjoy a beautiful flying in plain Frangokasteilo! For paragliding, there honed natural rig off the road from Kapsodasos to Kallikratis about the middle of the climb. The landing can be made in various places on the track and hang gliding. The apron is located east of Fragokastello at 2 km on the road to Skaloti, right


Enjoy the pleasures of the sea, on 24 beautiful our beaches, some sand, some pebbles, some with trees, some with caves and all with beautiful turquoise waters. Refer to chapter 'Beaches'.