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The Asfendou is mountainous village at an altitude of 770m and is on the road to Ibro Kallikratis. It was and is the summer residence of the inhabitants of coastal villages speechlessness, Nomikiana and St. Nektarios. The name comes Asfendamou trees in that area. The earliest reference Asfendou detected in the Ottoman period. The village was destroyed by Ottoman troops during the revolution of 1770 and the revolutions of the 19th century. The first census reports the village is 1832. The Asfendou gave heroes to all the liberation struggles of the nation. Residents' main occupation is farming and viticulture. Through the village starts very beautiful and easy gorge, which after about two hours walk ends at the village Agios Nektarios. Also here is the well-known cave Asfendou Skordolakia in place, with the famous rock paintings which date back to the Neolithic era 8.000p.ch. and is the oldest traces of habitation of Crete. Great feast is the Dormition of the Virgin Mary in the church that overlooks high above the village. The landscape is idyllic with great relief. From around the slopes overlooking the Libyan sea is breathtaking. The trip hike or drive will compensate you with a tranquil atmosphere and fresh air!