tik tok


1. Vourvouri. A beautiful walking route is one that follows the north of the village from the road to Asi Gonia and Miriokefala. Dianyontas a distance of 3.5 km reach the mountainous region Vourvouri, where we have a panoramic view from Asi corner until Miriokefala and in the background the north coast of the island. Continuing other 0.20 'will get at Koumara to the picturesque church of St. John.
2. Kallikratis-Plateau sleeves. The same road at the intersection of Summit, follow the right mountain road. After walking for two hours we reach the picturesque plateau sleeves. Therein lies the newly built stone church of St. SFAKIANOU Manolis. If you do not want to turn Kallikratis south of the plateau is the beautiful Skalotiano canyon. Surely here you will see the great eagles barbatus, after the canyon nestles the largest number of people in Europe. The crossing takes 1.15 hours and ends in the village Skaloti.
3. Kallikratis-Asfendou. Leaving the main road west, in a way that the landscapes alternate, we arrive at 1.30 hours in the village Asfendou. If you do not want to return, you can cross the gorge and found 3.30 hours in the village of St. Nektarios.
4. Kallikratis-Kapsodasos. Starting south of the village and cross the beautiful gorge, a trip of three hours to get to Kapsodasos, looking plain Frangokasteilo and the deep blue of the Mediterranean.