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In the region of Sfakia born and flourished a goddess before the human mind invented Artemis-patroness of hunting and forests. Was Vritomaris (from vrity = sweet and Martis = girl, virgin), which was worshiped throughout the island, but over and above this. The same place resorted the brilliant god Apollo to purify him from the horrible taint the powerful prelate Karmanoras. Since Apollo was a friend and patron of Sfakia.

The famous oracle of the ancient Tara was also built there. From Tarra started priests and went to (now) Central Greece where they built a new oracle, the oracle of Delphi. On their trip led their friend Apollo, disguised as a dolphin - like the sequence. For this Sfakians gave the name "Oracle of Delphi" (that is, an explanation of dolphins) and dedicated it to the god-friend. Gigilos mountain (mountain towering over the entrance of the gorge of Samaria) chose and set his throne of Zeus the Kritagenis, before later transfer to the top of Mount Olympus.

Sfakia lived and the beautiful fairy Akakkalida. From legends love affairs with gods, came to the world subsequent founders who built cities famous as Cydonia, Naxos, Ephesus and Oaxos. He was born and brought up also the famous composer and singer Chrisothemis, first place winner in the Pythian Games, the nationwide contest music. In this place reigned Katri, the eldest son of Minos.

In his own palace was guest of King Menelaus of Sparta (grandson) then he found by chance by Paris steal Helen, the cause of the Trojan War. Even today, the gorge next to the palace Katreas called 'the KATP Ilango "(lag = ravine). On the island of Gavdos, ancient Ogygia, lived the nymph Calypso, who kept close to her for eight years the resourceful Odysseus, as certified by Homer. Still, Sfakia is the endemic area dittany, plant with miraculous properties.

Tradition has it that same Venus to gather the burning bush and to give as a balm to the wounded son. It should also be noted that the Apostle Paul was storm tossed in Sfakia, when he went to Rome to the judges.