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Architecture of Sfakia

Form the primary residence Sfakiano monospito, belongs to one of the most primitive types of the Mediterranean. The Sfakiano jaunty platymetopo monospito is one of the most important monuments in the history of culture and folklore of the region. On the road that followed the development, he remains firmly tied to its primary form and tradition.

In monospito adds to the small house, the Towerhouse the chimney with the updraft, the balcony and the floor. One of the purest forms of SFAKIANOU monospito is that which prevails in Kallikratis. This form occurs as such in all the villages of Sfakia than the country. It is home to the arch, the "arched". The insertion of the arch occurs a separation without breaking the unity of the interior, creating unique spaces with functional autonomy ensure proper operation building, removing any trace of monotony. The 'brosgialitiko home' in Sfakia is the other major element of Sfakia, sea, not only as a natural environment, but mainly as a source of wealth and prosperity. It is home to middle-class. Downstairs is the kitchen, great room and arcade called arch or loggia. The floor extends only to the space corresponding to the great room and uses the spacious terraces covering the kitchen and porch. Contacting the floor and a mezzanine floor, secured either by a wooden staircase or by external stone. And if the building is more tidy, prevails here naked form that compose the simple linear elements, the interference of the semicircular arc in the side of the portico