tik tok


The ancient city of Phoenix was in a cove west of the current Loutro Sfakia. There harbor Anopoli and Aradena with development in Roman times. The port provided strong protection because of its position, even from strong storms. Today there are the remains of habitation. In place of the Theotokos Church, there was a large aisled basilica, where the walls are preserved to a height of 3 m is characterized by spacious outbuilding south of the narthex, rather baptistery. Was the seat of the archdiocese until the early Venetian period. Here Kritagenis worshiped Zeus and Apollo of Delphi. West of the village are the ruins of the Temple of Apollo and the Turkish castle. Next to the church of St. Catherine at the entrance of the village still stands the Turkish Koules, built in 1866 and has a circular shape and height. Also remains of ancient bathtubs, they took the name of the present village of Loutro